Padlock Party

What Is A Padlock Party?

The Padlock Party is a Fun Singles event that allows you to meet hundreds of singletons in one night and even more at the After Party all through the aid of our unique Padlock and Key icebreaker.

How Does It Work?

Upon entry one of our hosts will provide the ladies with a padlock and the guys with a key. Guests are encouraged to interact with one another through trying to find a key and padlock, which match! If you find a match then return to the main front desk where you will be issued with another padlock or key and entered into a prize draw to win some brilliant prizes on the night. Remember this icebreaker gives you the perfect opportunity to talk to whoever catches your eye.

After Party...

The Padlock portion of the evening finishes around 11pm but the fun doesn’t stop there, the night has just begun! You can party the night away at our legendary themed after parties with music provided by London Towns finest DJs playing a wide variety of music including RnB, Bollywood, Old Skool, Club Classics, Desi Beats. Or why don’t you just continue talking to that someone special.

Not single? Don’t worry, you and your friends are more than welcome to enjoy the people, music and after party.

3 Reasons Why You Should Attend

  1. 91% of all past attendees said they would recommend us to their friends!
  2. Our Padlock Parties are hosted in the chicest, most exclusive sought out venues including the landmark, illustrious Gherkin Tower - Trust us it’s a talking point.
  3. The greatest reason of all ... hundreds of single professionals, under one roof in one night

Does It Work?

Of course it does... and here's why

Number one

We are the original, the longest running and the Biggest Asian Padlock and Key Party in the UK, which means that our wealth of knowledge allows us to always deliver a successful Singles event.

Perfect Excuse

Our ultimate Padlock and Key icebreaker provides you with the perfect excuse to talk to someone that catches your eye.

Safety First

You are important to us! Therefore we ensure that our event is safe, secure and fully staffed to ensure a safe environment for you and all that attend.

It's No School Disco!

You won’t find boys hanging out on one side and girls on the other and the atmosphere so tense you could cut it with a knife! Our crowd’s friendly, the night is informal, the music is fantastic, talk to who you choose there’s no pressure and what can we say the atmosphere is electric!

The Dream Team

All our team members are fully trained, experienced, helpful, friendly, bursting with tips and advice and will bend over backwards to help you feel at ease at any event.

At Your Service

We pride ourselves on our fantastic customer service. We are here to help you every step of the way and are contactable by phone, email, post, and even pigeon mail - Helping you find love is our full time occupation.


Need some advice and tips on Padlock Parties; well we are the right people to ask. We are bursting full of advice, check out our helpful do's and do not’s.

The Do's

  • Do dress accordingly. Most of our events will have a strict door policy so trainers and hoodies are a no no but cocktail dresses and blazers yes yes. Remember first impressions do count!
  • Do be polite. If you are not interested in some of the guests you meet politely excuse yourself and move on.
  • Do interact with the other guests, you have the perfect excuse in your hands (padlock or key) that will make it easy for you to go up to someone and strike a conversation.
  • Do arrive on time. With so many singletons to talk to, make the most of the night and come early so you have time to talk to everyone.
  • Do meet your dates afterwards in public places. Remember you are responsible for your safety on subsequent dates.
  • Do enjoy yourself – The night is infamously fun and it would be a crime not to take full advantage.

The Do Not's

  • Do not be a wall flower. All the guests at the Padlock party are there for the same reason and if you are hiding away you make it difficult for other guests to approach you.
  • Do not give out personal details at the event unless you feel comfortable doing so.
  • Do not get drunk. We appreciate the Old Dutch courage is sometimes needed but slurred words and that nauseous look is a turn off.


  • Q. What is the Male to Female ratio?

We always endeavor to have a 50/50 Male to Female Ratio.

  • Q. What do I wear?

Dress to Impress! Ladies we would suggest ultra glam, smart and sophisticated. Gents Suits or Blazers, Shirts, Trousers or Smart Jeans. Remember No Trainers, Caps, T-shirts, Sweats etc – we will refuse entry.

  • Q. What prizes do you give away?

Prizes range from iPods™ to Champagne, Gift Experiences, Cameras, Luxury Chocolate, High Street Shopping Vouchers and much much more.

  • Q. What type of music do you play at the After Party?

We play a variety of music across all genres, both old and new. This includes, RnB, Desi Beats, Commercial House, Bollywood, Hip Hop, Garage, Commercial Tunes and much much more. We also regularly theme our after parties with different musical themes including, Bollywood, 80s and 90s Revival even Old Skool!

  • Q. Does it work?

Yes it does, check out our real life success here

  • Q. How do I receive discount tickets to the events?

If you become a premium member of you will receive up to 20% off the price of any ticket. Sign up here

  • Q. How can I contact you?

The best way to contact a member of our team is by completing our contact form. Alternatively you can email us at