As much as dating can be an exciting and fun experience it’s also important to appreciate the risks associated with meeting people online so you can fully enjoy the journey towards meeting the one!

Before we get into it, please remember to block and report members to us to investigate. We take member security seriously and as a community it’s great if we can keep each other safe.

Here are AsianD8’s seven essential steps to ensure you stay safe online.

Use sites that offer ID verification site. AsianD8 allows users to upload their ID to confirm and rewards them by placing a badge on their profile so other members can feel more confident interacting with them. When we see other apps not providing this service it just feels they do not care enough about the safety of their own members.

Beware of catfishing. People may use photos of other people to trick you into falling in love. Before getting serious with anyone on your chosen Indian dating site, consider running a Google image search to check that they haven’t’ stolen the photos from a minor celebrity. If you are using Google Chrome you can simply right-click on the picture and you’ll see a an option to do this.

Use paid messaging sites and Apps. One reason we have remained a paid service is because it filters out the majority of people who are not serious. Members will be further verified through their payment types, meaning they can be tracked. It also means they are serious about finding love, which boosts your chances of finding the one for you.

Migrate to other social media accounts. Once you get conversing with someone it’s not a bad idea to add them to your Facebook or another social media account. This will give you a clear indication as to whether they are genuine simply by looking at their activity, friends list etc. It’s even better if you have mutual friends and connections!

Never send private details. Whether it’s contact numbers, bank details or intimate photos, never send this type of info before getting to know someone properly. Otherwise, these details can be used to put you in a vulnerable position.

Have initial dates during the day. When you are meeting someone for the first time try to have your initial meet-up during the daytime. If possible try to make it a group date among some friends if possible too.

Have backup available. When meeting someone in person for the first time, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Having a friend close by to monitor things is a good idea while meeting in a public place is advised too.

We hope the above tips help and stay safe everyone one!

Team AsianD8!