Want to try virtual speed dating but your feeling a bit unsure? Or maybe you just aren’t sure what it is or how it works? We completely get it, anxiety is already at an all time high due to the current situation so we wanted to help calm those nerves and explain everything.

First things first, what is virtual speed dating? Well, it’s just like a regular speed date but it happens online! Meet Singles from the comfort of your own home and no travel costs! You meet attendees on a private one to one basis; in fact many of the guests have mentioned they like it more than a normal speed date as they found it less nerve-racking and more casual.

We have already had some great feedback from our first month of virtual speed dates:

“It was well organised, I think virtual dating should carry on after lockdown finishes”
“That was actually fun”
“good event, no travel costs, friendly admin, no complaints”
“great event”
“that was actually less daunting than in real life” 
“I really enjoyed this!! Thank you”
“Really well set up, format works well : )”
“Really enjoyed it”
“Its a great event, thank you for putting it on”

Virtual speed dating a great way to stay connected in a time where making a connection is harder than it has ever been.

The format of the event helps calm any nerves from the moment you join. We allow guests on a few at a time to register with our lovely team who assign you a badge number before you are placed in a male or female waiting room. Everyone has been getting to know each other in their waiting rooms, which is a great way to kick things off!

Once registered our team comes into each waiting room to explain how the event will run (ladies first as we assign them to their private rooms while another team member is explaining the format to the gents) you then have a private 1 to 1 speed date with all the attendees.

Each speed date is 5 minutes as we limit the amount of couples to 10 (due to zooms capabilities); therefore we can extend the time of the speed dates! 30 seconds before we move the gents, we send out a broadcast message to give you enough time to say goodbye. Each guest has a digital match card to submit and matches are sent out within 24 hours..

Spaces are limited and therefore tickets sell out quickly, be sure to book early to avoid disappointment!

Book yourself in for a virtual speed date.

See you online, Love AsianD8 x