When dating, we often ask ourselves many questions. What does he think of me? Am I his type? Does he like me?

These are all really natural and normal questions, sometimes you just have to go with the flow but there are definitely signs you can look out for to gauge whether someone likes you or not. In mine and my friends dating experience, here are my signs to look for when dating someone to find out if he’s into you or not..

  1. Listens and remembers – he will remember the little things. Like the plans you have for the week, your birthday (men, that’s a huge thing, always remember a woman’s birthday) and information about your family and friends. This all comes as a result of listening, he’s paid attention, because he likes you.
  2. Communicates – he will WANT to text you, not because he has to, but because he is thinking about you and wants to be part of your life. He will call, message and generally just be there. He will talk to you and share his life with you. When someone opens up to you and you can talk for hours with it seeming like two minutes, that’s when you know he’s into you.
  3. Arranges to meet up – if a guy wants to see you, he will make time to see you. There will be times he is genuinely busy but even if it’s at a later date, he will make it a point to make plans, sometimes even cancel on other plans or include you in plans he may already have with friends. If he is making an effort like this, he’s into you.
  4. Introduces you to friends and won’t be afraid to commit – this can also be combined with the last point. A guy might be busy, but may have plans with friends. When a guy has no hesitation in inviting you along to a social activity with friends, it’s a big thing. Guys won’t want to invite any random girl along to a night out with his friends.
  5. He won’t date anyone else – If he likes you, he won’t want to meet or date anyone else. I mean, there are exceptions to this, say if you’re not giving the right signs in this instance, make it known you like the other person; what’s the worst that can happen?
  6. Notices things and compliments you – a guy will notice things, like the colour of your eyes, how you have styled your hair, that your outfit looks nice, but he won’t be sleazy about it. I have had comments in the past, that it is nice when women make an effort, but also in a more chilled out scenario, perhaps if you go to his for dinner, they prefer a natural look. They’ll notice this and compliment it. Another sign that he is into you.
  7. Basically, effort –if you’re making the effort back (and WANT to make the effort) it’s a true case of both of you being into each other and that can lead to a true blue romance. A guy, if he likes you, will make an effort. And do all or a combination of all the things above. Okay, they might not do every single thing on the list, but a few go a long way. If he isn’t then perhaps you may want to have the ‘where is this going talk.’ This should not deter a guy, because in this day in age where dating is very common, it’s good to know where you stand.Above all, listen to your gut. If you like each other, tell each other. Make the effort and do not be afraid to express how you feel, it will take you on the path to true love.

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Bio: Priya Mulji is a marketer and columnist based in London. Specialising in all things love, you can check out her blog at http://www.priyamulji.com