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We all need a break from online dating. One too many bad jokes or a few sexual comments and you just think to yourself, “I’m done!”.

We’ve all been there; staring at the screen and feeling so fed up with the same old crap. It’s so easy to be turned off by the whole dating game. The market is so saturated with the ‘hot new dating app’ popping up every week, it’s getting harder to know which app/site is right for you.

So, “how do I get out of this online dating funk?” you ask…

First find out what you want; are you looking to just date? Do you want a relationship? What about marriage? Or maybe you just want something casual? Through this process of elimination finding the right dating sites will be much easier. Whilst some cater to all and others cater to some, it’s important to remember you shouldn’t limit yourself too much. This is also the case in knowing what you want from a partner, as this will help you sift through potential partners that won’t meet your essential wants and needs.

Do you even like online dating? Or maybe you prefer events. Find what’s right for you but commit to it. Life isn’t always easy and neither is dating. It takes real commitment to find the right person. Not everyone is going to be a great conversationalist or even compatible. You can’t let this put you off. Keep putting yourself out there and when there’s chemistry act on it!

Talk about your experiences. It’s essential to have a good group of friends or even one friend to be able to talk to about your experiences. When you start dating seriously your married friends and committed friends take the back burner for a little while. They aren’t going through the current dating scene so will have no clue how to help you out, offer advice or even understand what you are going through. Friends going through the same thing are always great at making a bad or not so great experience into something you can grow and learn from or just vent too.

Timing is vital; you need to be mentally ready to date, the right frame of mind is key. If you just got out of a relationship or you’re still hung up on your ex, maybe give it a few weeks and see how you feel. Many of our success stories tell us how “it was just the right time” or “we were both ready”. This isn’t a coincidence. Your frame of mind will affect the way you message, speak and even flirt and could potentially have a negative result if you aren’t ready. It’s simple, check yourself before you wreck yourself!

Persistence is key; many people, including our own customers think that they are going to meet the love of their life within the first few messages. Whilst we wish this was the case in every instance, this is extremely rare. We’ve had one of our success stories marry the first person they spoke to on the site; however, this is the exception to the rule. The majority of our success stories all met their partners after a few months on the site and some were even after a year or so. It takes time, patience and persistence. Once you have committed to your search, stick to it!

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Whether it’s parents, friends, age or insecurities, its only you who will know when you are ready to get out there and give it all you’ve got. If you’re not ready, then take some time for yourself. Remember you aren’t the first person to feel this way and you won’t be the last. The main person that is going to be getting in your way is you. Keep swiping, searching, messaging and attending events. Because one day it will be the last first conversation you have in your search for love.

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