The world of dating throws up enough potential hurdles. How many times must we respect the unwritten rules of dating ‘ettiquette’. By that I don’t mean being respectful or acting like a gentleman (do that regardless!). I mean how many first date coffee dates can one guy handle?

What if I’m beveraged out for the day? How many sit-down conversations can I handle?

Admittedly, I am a bit out there with a short attention span (thanks social media!). I have lots of energy and like to do things. I’m an active Vlogger, Vlogging about my food journey across London and wherever else I pitch up (shameless plug for my channel). So I’m used to going out and trying new experiences. So for a date, I detest the idea of sitting still and just talking. I need stimulation! I need an experience! I need to be able to just be me!

If you are like me and want to engage in a light-hearted activity/experience, allowing you to just engage organically with the person you are on a date with then I’ve got a few suggestions. If the date goes pear-shaped hopefully the following date idea ensures not all was lost and you’ve had a good time regardless.

Junk Yard Golf
Dray Walk, Old Truman Brewery, 91 Brick Lane, London E1 6QL

The Social Media savvy amongst you have probably already been targeted by their sponsored ads on Facebook. Covered in Time Out and National papers it’s an awesome crazy golf place.

So, why should you go? Well for starters it’s fun! The atmosphere is really relaxed and chilled out so it’s a great way to get to know one another in a no-pressure environment.

If you have been speaking regularly and want to impress with a cool venue this is the perfect choice! If you are into trying new things and you love music (the courses are named after lines in famous songs) this will be a big reason to go.  Something a lot of people like to know is that they have a licensed bar and serve food (junk food albeit).

Its £10.45 per person on weekends and £9.61 per person during the week. The prices include an annoying booking fee. You might be able to just show up and pay on the door saving yourself a couple of quid per person.

The good thing about the location is that it is close to the famous Truman Brewery Market (Food Market frequented by Tom Hardy aka Bane) and about a 5 minute walk to Old Spitalfields Market. It’s a 3 minute from ‘Dark Sugars’ officially London’s coolest Chocolate shop!

Dark Sugars
141 Brick Ln, London E1 6SB

Known for many amazing reasons, one of the biggest is that it’s a world famous chocolate shop with great energy and amazing staff! The Décor (street art in the garden has been created by a world famous street-artist, the lady dancing in the video with the blonde hair). The always play cool music and there is a market on Sundays. Whats more is that they host art gallery events inside! Who does that?

If your date has a love for chocolate and appreciates something unique this is the perfect venue. Something to bare in mind is that you will be paying a small premium for quality (hot chocolates cost between £4-5.50, flat white’s are £2.80 but a bit small) but you will be getting true luxury chocolate in return.

Not fully convinced check out the full vlog above. 🙂

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