With people and their increasing workloads, stress at work and higher ambitions, it is getting even harder to meet that perfect someone. As we embark on 2017, we are the generation that want everything. An amazing career as well as a wonderful love life. But sometimes we feel something has to give and that sometimes is a relationship. I have been there, dumped by the guy who wants to concentrate on his career. However, I am here to tell you that you CAN have it all. Here is how.

Apps are the way forward
When you are on the go, using an app to chat to meet and get to know people. It is quick and an effective use of time. You can download apps, save profiles and use your commute, lunchtimes and moments when you are taking a break to chat to people you think are interesting. You can download the AsianD8 app here.

Keep a diary and manage your time
I love writing things in an actual diary and planning my week/month ahead. For some, they keep track of their movements online. Whichever way, plan your time. For someone who is in control of their movements, when someone cancels because of work things cropping up, it is really frustrating. So at the weekend, why not look at your week ahead, check what time you have available and book in those dates!

Use after work drinks to your advantage
If you are out and about with work colleagues for after work drinks, and you see someone you like the look of; don’t be afraid to leave your work colleagues and go and chat to someone. It doesn’t have to be a long chat, just go up to someone, chat and ask for their number, explain that you are out with work people but you would like to get together sometime for a coffee. Simples.

Make it known you like someone and don’t lead people on
Don’t ever use work as an excuse for not wanting to date to someone, it really isn’t fair. If you really like someone, tell them and make time to see them. On the other hand, if you don’t, just be honest and tell them instead of making excuses.

Be considerate, understanding and prioritise
Some people won’t understand your ambitions and you have to be considerate of that fact. If someone makes the effort to ask if you are free to meet and you are busy take a step back. If something can wait until the next day and you really like this person, then let it wait until tomorrow. This person won’t always be around if you always put work first.

Not everyone will be worth your time and on the other hand, if you know someone has a demanding job, then you have to understand that sometimes your partner will put work first. It’s okay, because as long as they communicate and make the effort with you when they see you and they tell you they like you, it’s all good!

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Bio: Priya Mulji is a marketer and columnist based in London. Specialising in all things love, you can check out her blog at