We are fast approaching the end of 2016. This morning. I received an email from a client who wrote ‘I want a relaxing Christmas break. And, if things don’t go to plan I’ll start again in the New Year.’ I bet you’re thinking about slowing down too.

Whilst I understand this sentiment, I don’t agree with it.


Everyone else is on slow down mode; which is, precisely why you’re not. Don’t follow the tyranny of the masses. You want to stay ahead of the curve and here’s how:

1. Update your vision board

If you haven’t already created a vision board. Now is a great time to start. If you already have a vision board, look to see if anything needs updating. A vision board is a great visualiation tool. It’s easy too. Spend some time during the holidays thinking about what you really want.

2. Re-evaluate your deal breakers

Do you know what you’re looking for? If so, write it down. Get a blank sheet of paper and write down everything that you’re looking for in your dream guy. Next, read down the list. And, I’m hoping you can offer the same back. As I frequently tell my clients. The first question isn’t ‘how do I attract a great guy?’ The first question is ‘how do I become a great partner?’ Remember you have to become who you want to date. Now, is an opportune time to re-evaluate your deal breakers.

3. Creat a compelling username and written profile

Revisit your username and profile. Your username should say something physical about you. Don’t create meaningless usernames. Also, make sure your profile is short and light. Don’t write a long essay or use negative words, and don’t self-deprecate either. Keep the profile to one or two paragraphs only.

4. Re-visit your pictures

The profile pictures are really important, mainly because men are so visual. Men fall in love with their eyes. It’s the way they’re wired. Help them out by uploading the best pictures possible. All you need is one clear headshot and a full body shot. If you’ve had the same pictures for a while, update them. Invest in some new pictures. Ensure to keep rotating your pictures too. You don’t want to grow stale. If you’re bored of your pictures, he is too.

5. Activate the law of preparation

So you want to meet Mr Right and live happily ever after? If so, do you know what married life will look like? Where will you get married? What will you wear? How about the cake, the venue and the guest list?

Don’t know?

Over this holiday period, start preparing. It’s going to happen sooner or later, right? Maybe, even create a specific ‘marriage’ or ‘Mr Right’ vision board. Possibly start looking through bridal magazines, perhaps even try on a wedding dress or two. You know…just for fun. Although between you and I, we know it’s serious, wink wink.

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Bio: India Kang is a dating and relationship coach and author of two bestselling books ‘Why Men Ask Dumb Dating Questions,’ and ‘How to Date – Single Girls’ Dating Manual.’ India is married and lives in Solihull.