Our first How to get Mr Right Seminar in London was a massive success; the guests were overwhelmed with the knowledge as well as group support.

Initially, some of the guests were reluctant, unsure of India’s expertise. It didn’t take long for all the ladies to see India’s knowledge and experience is so vast. The data is undeniable, the math checks out and the logic works.

The Q&A ran over by almost an hour and a half, but it was worth it. You guys had amazing questions and it was obvious a lot of woman were struggling with the same issues and problems.

There was so much positive energy in the room after the seminar and Q&A that everyone stayed around and mingled with India and the AsianD8 team.

After such a successful event and lots of positive feedback we knew we had to spread the knowledge further which is why we have decided to take the Seminar to Birmingham!

Guest feedback:

“India told some home truths that were hard to hear but completely needed! Definitely using her tips”
“Amazing night – thank you!!!!”
“It’s so great to see how one night can change your perspective on dating!”
“Thank you all so much for the seminar”
“I think I am ready to get back in the dating game.”
“The AsianD8 team and India, you guys were really great, thank you so much! I am going to buy a dating phone tomorrow!”

A few pictures from our first Seminar:

Unsure if you want to attend our Birmingham Seminar?

See some of the topics covered:

  • Beliefs that sabotage your success
  • Dating truths every woman should know
  • Dating truisms and urban myths exploded
  • The landscape has changed
  • How to win the dating game
  • Common dating mistakes to avoid
  • Things you can do right now
  • More ways to help yourself
  • Top three things you can do in 2017
  • and much more!

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