Read Irun & Rav’s heartwarming story! 

I initially joined AsianD8 as nothing serious, until Rav messaged me. When we met, we realised he lived a 3 minute drive from me! As soon as we started talking we couldn’t stop. We shared almost everything we could about each other in that one moment.

Three and a half months later we were officially together. He proposed to me in November 2015, and we’re getting married in July this year!

All I can say is never did I think AsianD8 could have connected me with someone not only down the road from me who I’d never crossed paths with before, but bring me to the ONE person who understands me fully and loves me unconditionally. A chemistry fuelled and full-on intense love. This kind of love is extremely rare and I still sometimes look at him and think WOW. Combined we are fun, crazy and very witty! We mirror each other, and Rav and I cannot thank AsianD8 enough!

We even have our own hashtag on Instagram: #RavIrun

Yeah, we smiled all the way through reading that too 💖


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