My last post was 3 very different date looks for the ladies. So I thought I would flip it and do a post for all the Men out there. I created three different date looks, going from casual to smart casual and then a bit smarter. Creating an outfit for a date can be tricky for all you guys out there. I teamed up with three lovely guys; Amar, Amish and Pritesh and created looks that they would be comfortable wearing on a date.


LOOK 1 Casual

With Amar’s look, we went really casual. This maybe an outfit after a few dates; where you are more comfortable with your date, or if you are doing an activity date. There is a really nice relaxed feel to this outfit. Amar is wearing Levi’s 520 Light Wash Jeans with a White All Saints T-Shirt paired with some Vans Trainers that have paisley detail on them. He also wore a Superdry Biker Jacket which is a dark brown shade. Biker Jackets are really on trend and I feel this is a trend that will last. As the weather is getting a lot chillier, we have a variation of the outfit where he is wearing a super warm The North Face Coat. As the look is very casual we added a few statement pieces like a Hugo Boss Watch and Levi’s Belt. Amar is also wearing his Tom Ford Glasses. If you wear specs, make them part of your look, they are a great accessory. This outfit is super comfortable and really easy to move around in. You can even mix it up by changing the colour of the T-shirt and maybe wearing a darker jean shade.


LOOK 2 Smart Casual

This look works really well if you need to be smart but not full on formal. Pritesh is wearing a Grey All Saints jumper. Grey is a great colour for the colder seasons; it’s on trend and looks classic. We paired the jumper with Black Top Man jeans, black jeans are a wardrobe staple piece and you can get a pair pretty much anywhere on the high street. For footwear Pritesh wore Loafers from Office. Loafers are a comfortable smart option for footwear and you can get them in a whole range of colours to alter your look. To add depth to the outfit Pritesh also wore a belt with a large buckle on it and a statement watch. If this is your kind of outfit you can vary it by changing the colour of the different items, to make the outfit more you.


LOOK 3 Smart 

This outfit caters for a more formal setting but also for a more mature gent. Amish’s outfit is formal but at the same time we wanted to give the outfit character. Amish is wearing a Peter Werth coat in Navy paired with All Saints Dark Wash Jeans. Darker jeans will always look smarter compared to a light wash jean. What gives this outfit character is the Ted Baker Shirt. This shirt has leaf detail all over it and adds a fun element to a smart outfit. Amish also wore a Breitling Watch and a Levi’s Belt. For footwear Amish wore Hugo Boss Loafers, a nice comfy option. This outfit is great for a dinner date or any event on the more formal side.

Any of these outfits can be tweaked to fit your own style. Let’s face it, you want to be comfortable in your own clothes. All items of clothing were from Amar, Amish and Pritesh’s wardrobes. I wanted the outfits to reflect the types of clothing that you may have in your closet. For men I feel statement pieces can really make an outfit such as a watch or belt. Do not be scared to experiment with a few outfits before you go on your date. I hope you have gained a bit of style inspiration from these looks. Comment below if you have any questions about creating an outfit for a date or any questions.

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