Going on a date can be more stressful then it has to be. From experience, I feel the way we prepare for a date really helps us prepare mentally and calms our nerves. I will take you through the steps that I would typically take when getting ready for that all important date!

If I have been working that day, I come home, get into seriously comfy clothes and tie my hair up. It is important to just zone out for 10 minutes and not feel flustered. I light a candle, grab a tea and listen to my favourite tunes. This gets me relaxed and not thinking about work and any life stresses. If you are not into tea and candles, do the things that relax you.

Pic 1 Tie Hair
Pic 2 Light Candle

I go on to choose my outfit as this will determine what make-up look I go for and what I want to do with my hair. I lay my outfit on my bed to see how it would look and add on any accessories that I think will match. Picking out my outfit is my favourite part of my date night preparation as I can get creative with what I wear. Create an outfit that reflects your personality, this will make you feel a lot more confident. Wear what you feel great in.

Pic 3 Choose Outfit
Pic 4 Lay outfit on bed

Depending on how much time I have to get ready, I prep my skin. I start by taking all the make-up off that I’ve had on all day. I prefer using a cream cleanser but on this particular day I used a Micellar extra-gentle cleansing wipe to get rid of my make-up quickly. If I have the luxury of time I put on a face mask. I love face masks. I used a Tea Tree face mask from the Body Shop. The face mask instantly cools my skin and when I wash it off my skin feels squeaky clean. When my skin feels good, I feel good.

Pic 5 take make-up off
Pic 6 Face mask

When putting on my make-up, I like it to feel like an experience. I play music and try new make-up looks each time I go out. Do not be afraid to be bold with your make-up and experiment. Try new foundations, blushers, bronzers and highlight. You can transform yourself each time you go out. I sort out my hair in the style I want. Everyone definitely has a particular look they love and feel comfortable in, so you can always just add a touch of something new to this look. The main thing is to feel comfortable with the way you look.

Pic 7 Put make-up on

I then put all my essentials in my handbag. I always take my lipstick with me as it will wipe away whilst eating and drinking. I also keep a little mirror handy so I can always check my hair, make-up and if I have lipstick on my teeth. Pack the essential items you feel you need when on your date. Once my handbag is packed, if I have time I add some finishing touches. I usually paint my nails.

Pic 8 gather all your essentials
Pic 9 finishing touches

Then you are ready and prepped for your date. All that is left to do is have a good time! Just enjoy your date, knowing you have had fun preparing for it. I hope my tips have helped you and if you want to know any other details, feel free to comment below.

Krupa x

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