On Thursday 1st October 2016 I (Manpreet) was on the site to cancel my account having given up hope following a pretty dire date (probably the worst I have ever been on) that previous weekend. As I was trying to figure out how to cancel rather than hide my profile, Pav appeared in my inbox and asked me how I was and that was that…

I cynically gave him my number and lo and behold we have spoken everyday since. We met for the first time on Bonfire Night to see a fireworks display – which ended up in disaster as I arrived late and my phone kept dying once I got into the park, even though fully charged, and we couldn’t find each other. When I got back to the car I managed to charge my phone and call him as he was just leaving. We both left our respective homes at 7pm and we didn’t meet until 11pm! However, when we finally did meet the fireworks display definitely wasn’t over. We spoke with ease like we had known each other for years and time flew by – oh and boy did he make me laugh! We have met every week since and time still flies by! 

We are now engaged and we are getting married next June. We would like to take this opportunity to also say thank you to AsianD8 from the bottom of our hearts. You brought us together and we are thankful that we found each other every day. We are very excited about our future together and couldn’t be more happy – well maybe once we are married…

It just shows you shouldn’t give up, a massive thank you to Pavinder & Manpreet for sharing their story 🙂 

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