We all know a good first impression counts. Sending someone who has caught your eye a good first message is an art. A well thought out first message should take more than a few seconds; a “Hi” or “Hi, how are you?” will not do in the 21st century.

Here is our guide to making a lasting impression.

Quality over Quantity
Sending generic messages such as “Hi” or “How are you?” to everyone on the website in order to find the right person is a mistake that many people make. Our analytics show that only 7.5% of messages less than 10 characters long ever get a reply. Even when members match each others criteria.” With numbers this low we recommend you take the time to read profiles & look for a common interest. It will make a positive first impression & give you a better chance of making the right connection. It’s always a good idea to lead with a question about them, give them something to talk about straight away.

Call me on 07897 … …
Get to know someone a little bit first, build a rapport & show them you’re serious about getting to know them before handing out your personal details or asking for theirs. Our analytics show that 96% of members don’t respond to first messages containing personal details.”

Good Grammar
A common mistake is to use text speak when you first start messaging. Whilst this is fine once you have gotten to know each other, it can have a negative first impression online. We can appreciate that sometimes you are in a rush, but we can guarantee it will do you well to spare those few extra seconds to type out the full sentence when you are starting to get to know someone online. It’s one of biggest pet peeves that our members complain about.

Be Courteous and Funny
Don’t underestimate the power of being a little courteous, showing good manners and being honest. It can go along way in painting you in a positive light, especially online. Including a touch of humour in your messages is a good way to be remembered and has a higher chance of getting a response.

Finally, have fun with it! Think of it as messaging someone you want to get to know more deeply not just an opening line.

Start your search and send better messages now