You guys are amazing!

The crowd at our Christmas Padlock Party were definitely in the mood to mingle and party! There was so much mingling going on that we had to contain ourselves when making announcements because we didn’t want to stop all the talking.

Lots of you requested more mingling time due to how busy it was, so we happily obliged and over ran the Padlock portion of the night. After all, mingling is key to any singles event!

Once the DJ started the tracks the after party truly kicked off, we definitely had a lot of dancers in the house that were eagerly awaiting the afterparty. The atmosphere was very festive and the energy in the room was palpable.

Being our second biggest padlock of the year we knew we had to make it extra special! Our biggest padlock of the year is our Valentines Padlock Party will be on Saturday 11th February. 

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As organisers the best feeling is seeing lots of you make real connections. Numbers being exchanged, as well as hugs is all the Christmas presents we need!

Scroll through the pictures above to see what went on…

With Love,

Jyoti xo

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