We were back at the GHERKIN! That’s right, it was our first Padlock Party in 5 years back at the iconic Gherkin!

Tickets were sold out and we couldn’t wait to mingle and party with the crowd and you guys were definitely in the party spirit! (get it spirit, like a ghost?! Don’t judge we are all out of Halloween puns!)

We had almost run out of locks and keys just before the raffle took place so we could see the crowd was really enjoying mingling. There was a huge rush at the padlock table for the last half an hour and everyone was chatting away and really working the room!

Once the raffle was done the afterparty really kicked off. There was a a big crowd of dancers waiting for the after party to start and they made the rest of the night theirs with some serious shapes being thrown.

It was an amazing night, check out some of the comments:

“The music’s been amazing!”

“I’m so glad I came, I’m having such a good time”

“I was so nervous because I came on my own, but everyone has been so nice”

“It was so much easier to speak to people during padlock because I wasn’t nervous after the speed date!”

“When’s the next one?”

Meet under the Mistletoe at our Kissmas Padlock Party on Saturday 22nd December